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At this centre we have latest intervantion technique for mental health problems that is "Neuro feedback Therapy". Neurofeedback is eeg base  biofeedback for the brain. Simply put, it exercises and helps 'strengthen' the brain, calms it, and improves its stability. It's easy - virtually anyone can do it. Using computerized feedback, the brain learns to increase certain brainwaves that are helpful for improved function. The brain can decrease excessive fast or slow brainwaves that interfere with good function. Over time, the result is a healthier and better regulated brain.


Know Our Consultant


Dr. Malaya Kant Singh,
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Malaya Kant Singh is leading psychiatrist of lucknow. He has done his MBBS and MD (Psychiatry) from KGMU. Dr. Singh has enormous experience in a field of mental health. He worked as Lecturer in Era’s lucknow Medical Collage and as a senior Consultant in Psychiatry in Dr. RML District Hospital, Lucknow.


 Dr. Deepak Nandvanshi
Clincal Psychologist & Hypnotherapist

Dr. Deepak Nandvanshi hold Ph.D. in Psychology. He has completed his Master in clinical psychology from DSVV, Hardwar and got training of hypnotherapy from MS University Varodara. He is  He has conducted more than 1000 work shops and training programs to various esteemed organizations all over India. He is a president of “Khushi Foundation” an NGO working in field of mental health.


Neurofeedback Therapy

An Introduction... 

Sri Ram Kishun Memorial Neuro Psychiatric Centre (Now Kant Brain Centre) is one of the leading Mental Health centre of East UP. It provides outdoor and Indoor psychiatric care for all psychiatric and Psychological disorders like Schizophrenia, Mania, Bipolar disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Drug abuse and alcohol related problems. Neuropsychiatric conditions such as dementia, parkinsonism, epilepsy, headaches, and chronic pain are treated.
Counseling for childhood, adolescent and School and College related problems and interpersonal issues, pre-marital and marital counseling for sexual health related problems and misconceptions are offered here. Daycare rehabilitation and Yoga therapy for psychiatric rehabilitation also form part of our care.